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CARLOS BAGUER (1768 - 1808)

  Baguer was born in Barcelona in 1768. He had his musical education with his uncle Francesco Mariner. Francesco was the organist of Barcelona Cathedral and Carlos replaced him there in 1786. In 1789 he became titular organist of the Cathedral, a post he held until his death in 1808.

Carlos Baguer was one of the most important musical figures in Catalonia at the time. He had a special reputation for interpretations and improvisations on the organ. His nineteen symphonies makes him the principal symphonist of Spain in the classical era. The symphonies of Josef Haydn became known in the area in the 1780s and most of Baguers symphonies, are clearly under his influence.

His compositions also includes numerous works for keyboard, liturgical music, an opera and chamber music.


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