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  Christian Cannabich was born in 1731 in Mannheim, as son of flautist and composer Martin Friedrich Cannabich. He was baptised on December 28th. His full name being Johann Christian Innocenz Bonaventura Cannabich. He became a pupil of Johann Stamitz an in 1746-7 he entered the Mannheim court orchestra as voilinist.

He was granted an electoral stipend to study in Italy by Elector Carl Theodor and in 1750 set off to study with Jommeli in Rome. When Stamitz dien in 1757, Cannabich was appointed leader of the Mannheim court orchestra and court ballet composer.

In 1774 Cannabich rose to Stamitz's position as director of instrumental music, thereby becoming sole conductor and trainer of the Mannheim orchestra. In 1778 the court moved to Münich. During these years Cannabich's reputation rose to new heights. He was a close friend of the Mozart family and Wolfgang and his mother stayed with the Cannabich family for a period in 1777-8.

During the 1790s, music activities at the court was cut dramatically. And so were the wages, so the musicians were forced to undertake supplementary tours. Christian Cannabich died on January 20th 1798 in Frankfurt am Main.

Cannabich's output includes around 100 symphonies, various chamber works and music for around 40 ballets.


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