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FRANZ XAVER DUSSEK (1731 - 1799)

      Picture contributed by Tassos Dimitriadis, Greece


  Franz Xaver Dussek was born in 1731 in Choteborky, Bohemia, as the son of a Peasant. He was baptised on December 8th. Under the partonage of Count Johann Spork, the young Franz Xaver was able to attend the Jesuit Gymnasuim in Hradec Králové. He studied music in Prague with Habermann, before going to Vienna to study with Court Composer Georg Christoph Wagenseil.

Dussek settled in Prague in 1770 as teacher, composer and freelance virtuoso. Dussek's wife, Josepha (born Hambacher, his pupil whom he had married in 1776), had family connections with Salzburg and Dussek became a close friend of Mozart. In 1787, Mozart completed Don Giovanni in Dusseks summerresidence in Prague. Dusseks home became an important centre of musical activity and he was always helpful, introducing visiting virtuosi to the nobility.

Dussek died in Prague on February 12th 1799.


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