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  Gyrowetz (Vojtech Jirovec) was born on February 20th 1763 in Budweis, Bohemia. His father was choirmaster of the Cathedral of Budweis, and Adalbert has his first musical training with him. He continued studying misic while reading law at the university in Prague.

He worked for a period for Count Franz von Fünfkirchen in Brünn (Brno), whose employees were all musicians. Here he started composing, among other things , symphonies. In 1785 he moved to Vienna, where he befriended Mozart. From 1786 to around 1793, he travelled throughout Europe. He spent three years in Italy, meeting Goethe in Rome and studying with Scala in Naples. He visited Paris in 1789. Met Haydn in London in 1791 and so on. While in London, Johann Peter Salomon comissioned symphonies from him to be performed at his Hanover Square Room Concerts.

He moved back to Vienna and in 1804, he was appointed Vize-kapellmeister of the Court Theatre there. Gyrowetz was an important part of Viennese musical society well into the 1820s and he was one of the pallbearers at his friend Beethovens funeral in 1827.

Gyrowetz retired in 1831 and died in 1850.

His works include thirty operas, ballets and incidental music plus forty symphonies, 19 masses, and more than 100 chamber works.


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