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  Franz Anton Hoffmeister was born in May 1754 in Rothenburg am Neckar, Germay. At the age of fourteen, he moved to Vienna to study law. But shortly after graduating, he dedicated himself to music. By 1780 he had established himself as one of Vienna's finest composers.

In 1785, he established one of Vienna’s first music publishing businesses, where he for a number of years would publish music by the most prominent Viennese composers. Around 1800 he set up another publishing business, this time in Leipzig. He sold his Viennese firm in 1806, to focus more on composing.

His output includes at least eight operas (composed during the 1790s), over 60 symphonies, numerous concertos (many for the flute, probably due to his friendship with the Flautist Franz Thurner), more then 40 flutequartets, a large amount of string chamber music, piano music, and several collections of songs.


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