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  Krommer was born in Kamenice in Moravia on November 27th 1759, as son of an innkeeper and later mayor of the town, Jirí Kramár. He was baptised Frantisek Vincenc, but used the germanised version of his name.

He studied the violin and organ with his uncle Antonín Matthias Kramár in Turán from 1773 to 1776. He became organist in Turán in 1777 and in 1785 he moved to Vienna, where he stayed for a year. He then got a position as violinist in the orchestra of the Duke of Styrum at Simontornya in Western Hungaria.

In 1790 Krommer was appointed Kapellmeister of the Cathedral at Pécs (Western Hungaria). A couple of years later entering the establishment of Prince Grassalkovich de Gyarak. He returned to Vienna in 1795, and in 1798 he became Kapellmeister to Duke Ignaz Fuchs. Around 1810 he was given the post of Chamberlain to Emperor Franz I.

In 1813, he became the last director of chamber music and court composer to the emperors, following Leopold Kozeluch. He remained on this post to his death in Vienna on January 8th 1831.

Franz Krommer was a very succesful and influential composer, with an output of some 300 works. This includes at least nine symphonies, a number of concertos and a large amount of chamber music including 70 string quartets.


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