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  Ignaz Josef Pleyel was born in Ruppersthal, near Vienna on June 18th 1757. The change to the french equivalent Ingace Joseph, came as a result of his strong connection with Paris, where his was to spend many of his years. Ignaz was son of a schoolteacher. He was born as the 24th child out of 38. Very little in know about his early musical training, but he is believed to have studied with Vanhal at some point.

In 1772 he was accepted as pupil by Josef Haydn in Eisenstadt. Here he studied for some years and then became kapellmeister for his patron Count Erdödy. In the early eighties he travelled in Italy and after quite some succes there, he became assistant to Franz Xaver Richter, Kapellmeister of Strassbourg Cathedral. This happened in the mid-eighties. In the season 1791-2 he conducted the London Professional Concerts, making quite a sum of money.

Most of Pleyels output dates from the period 1785-95. Around 1795, Pleyel moved to Paris, where he founded Maison Pleyel, a music publishing firm. And from this point on his musical output decreased dramatically. In 1807, he extended his business to include pianomanufacturing. His pianos very famous all over Europe and 'Salle Pleyel' amont the most important places for artists to perform.

Pleyel died in Paris on November 14th 1831, aged 74. In his later years he spent most of his time on his farm in the outskirts of Paris.

His output comprises 41 Symphonies, a Requiem, 6 Symphonies Concertantes, 8 Concertos, a lange amount of chamber music including: 17 Quintets, 70 Quartets, 48 Trios, and 64 Duets. Plus songs, church music and a couple of operas.


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