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  Johann Friedrich Reichardt was born in Königsberg, Germany on November 25th 1752. He was a musical wonderchild and in 1775 he was appointed Hofkapellmeister in Berlin at the court of Frederick the Great. In 1794 he settled as a freelance composer in Giebichenstein near Halle. In 1808 he was appointed Hofkapellmeister in Kassel by Jérôme Bonapartes.

He was considered the finest Lieder-composer before Schubert and was a big inspiration for Carl Loewe, Schubert and Mendelssohn. Of his ca. 700 lieder, 166 is set to texts by Goethe. He is also considered creator of the German 'Liederspiel' (Songplay).

Reichardt died in Giebichenstein on June 27th 1814.

He wrote seven symphonies, piano concertos, chamber music, operas, singspiels and other music for the stage. Around 1000 Lieder and Romances in 30 collections and quite an amount of church music.


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