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ANTONIO SALIERI (1750 - 1825)





  Antonio was born on August 18th 1750 in the Italian town of Legnano in the Republic of Venice. He was taught the violin and harpsichord by his older brother Francesco, who had studied with Tartini. In 1765 he moved to Venice and in 1766 to Vienna, where he was admitted to Emperor Joseph II's musical establishment.

In 1769 Salieri composed his first of over forty operas, Le donne letterate, to a libretto by Luigi Boccherinis brother, Giovanni. During his long life in Vienna, he held all the major posts in the Viennese musical establishment. He succeded his friend and 'mentor' Florian Gassmann as Kammerkomponist and Kapellmeister of the Italian Opera in 1774. In 1788 he succeded Guiseppe Bonno as Hofkapellmeister.

He enjoyed quite a reputation as a teacher. His pupils included Beethoven, Hummel, Schubert and Liszt. He was also the first director of Vienna's music Conservatoire, founded in 1817.

Salieri was among the leading opera composers of his age. Research in Vienna and a close study of his scores reveal him to have been a prolific, versatile and adventurous composer for the stage.

Salieri died on an asylum in Vienna on May 7th 1825.


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