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  Carl Stamitz was born in Mannhein. He was baptised on May 8th. His father, Johann Wenzel Anton, was Konzertmeister with the Mannheim Orchestra from 1746 to his death in 1757. Carl studied with his father and other members of the orchestra, such as Christian Cannabich, Ignaz Holzbauer and Franz Xaver Richter. He played second-violin in the famous orchestra from 1762 to 1770.

In 1770 Stamitz moved to Paris with his brother Anton, to take up a position as court composer and conductor to the Duke of Noailles. Around 1780 he moved to The Hague, where he appeared frequently as violinist at the court of William V, Prince of Orange. In the perion 1788-90, he performed all over Germany.

Stamitz married Maria Josepha Pilz around 1789, but none of their four children survived infancy. He spent his last years in Jena as Kapellmeister and teacher at the University. Carl Stamitz died in Jena on November 9th, 1801.

Stamitz works include more than 50 symphonies, close to 40 symphonies concertante, around 40 solo concertos and a huge amount of chamber music (more than 250 works).


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