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  Franz Xaver Süssmayr was born in Schwanenstadt in 1766. His father, Franz Karl Süssmayr, was a local teacher and choirmaster, and gave his son lessons in singing, violin, and organ. In 1779 Franz Xaver entered the Kremsmünster monastery school. He studied philosophy and law at the Ritterakademie in Kremsmünster in 1784-1787, while taking private lessons in composition.

Süssmayr settled in Vienna in 1788 and studied with Mozart and Salieri. He became quite succesful as operacomposer himself and from 1794 to his death, he worked as Kapellmeister at the National Theatre in Vienna. His most popular stagework was 'Der Spiegel von Arkadien'.

He is mostly famous for his connection with Mozart. He completed Mozarts Famous Requiem and also his unfinished Horn Concerto in D major.

Süssmayr died in Vienna on September 17th 1803 from tuberculosis.

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