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  Georg Joseph Vogler was born in Pleichach, Germany on June 15th 1749. His father was the violinist and instrument maker of the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg. He studied law at the University in Würzburg, and after that three years of theology in Bamberg. In 1771 Vogler became almoner at the Mannheim court of Carl Theodor, who made it possible for him to study in Italy. Here he didn't just study theology but also wrote his first opera. He was ordained in Rome and returned to Mannheim, where he became vice-Kapellmeister and spiritual counselor to Carl Theodor.

Vogler established the Mannheim Tonschule, which he intended as the first systematic institute for music. And generally he was very interested in music theory. He determined the mathematical relationships between notes more precisely than ever with his Octochord, an eight-stringed device with movable bridges. He determined several principles that are at the root of current music theory, including the idea that any complex chord can be reduced to a root, third, and fifth (a common triad). He also outlined a way that from any tone there are forty-four possible modulations, 'the theory of progressive modulation'.

Abbé Vogler died on May 5th 1814 in Darmstadt.


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