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PAUL WRANITZKY (1756 - 1808)



  Paul Wranitzky was born on December 30th 1750 in Nová Rísa, Moravia, where he father was an innkeeper. He studied singing, organ and violin at the Premonstratesian monastery grammar school in town. After a couple of years studying in Jihlava, he moved to Olomouc to study theology. Around 1776 he finally moved to Vienna, entering the theological seminary, where he became music master.

He studied with Joseph Martin Kraus, Kapellmeister to the Swedish Court, who visited Vienna in 1783. In 1784 he was appionted music director for Count Johann Baptist Esterházy and in 1785 director of the orchestra of the Kärntnerthortheater in Vienna. And in 1787 moving to the Burgtheater. He maintained association with these two last orchestras until his death on September 26th 1808.

Wranitzky was a friend of Mozart, also belonging to the same masonic lodge, 'Zur gekrönten Hoffnung'. He helped Mozart's widow with negotiations for publishing his works. Besides being a fine violinist and composer, he was a highly respected conductor. Beethoven asked him to conduct the first performance of his first symphony in 1800. And Haydn "The Creation". He was also highly respected at the court, writing a coronation symphony for Franz II. in 1792 and music for the private use of the empress Maria Theresia.

Wranitzky output comprises ten operas, fifty-one symphonies, at least fifty-six string quartets and a large amount of other orchestral and chamber music. His opera 'Oberon - the fairy king' from 1789 was one of the favourite works in this genre and inspired Schikaneder to write the 'Magic Flute'.


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